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All to know about some tricks in the use of calculator FX991es plus

Good afternoon my cherished viewers I hope by the grace of God you are all fine as I am today.

The main reason for this article is to educate my students on how to use the fx991es plus calculator. Very often many students who enters the senior high school after their Junior high school education finds it difficult to use the calculator all what they used to do is a mere 1+1= 2 calculation. So I have taken it upon myself to highlight on some tricks to solve some calculation on the calculator.

Below are some of the topics the calculator can be used to solve

Linear equations


Standard forms

Decimal numbers

Fractions ,vectors, statistics, linear graph, substituting values in to algebraic expression s,number basis, series and sequence,and bearings

I will begin with how to solve number bases on the calculator

Steps: press mode on the calculator and press the number indicating base in.

Dec over there represent decimal base(10) we have base two over (bin) and base eight(octagon) and base sixteen. U can change all the bases in the calculator by pressing the symbol indicating it on the calculator.....

There is more but remember to like, share, and comment about the post more the other mathematics topics


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