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The Sene East Female Teacher Who Deserves Best Teacher Award Both in the District and National Level

Madam Awusumi Augustina who happens to hail from the Upper East Region specifically a village under Navrongo and completed St Vincent College of Education has been recommended by many within and beyond her district of work to deserve a best teacher award.

It is an undeniable fact that the young beautiful madam has dedicated herself to her job as a teacher irrespective of where she found herself. The madam in question has been posted to a hinterland called Zigakope in the Sene East District under the Bono East Region since 2021. Since her post into Zigakope she has been punctual to her work irrespective of being in a mysterious hinterland.

Infact it is really disheartening to post a woman all the way from Upper East Region to a hinterland like Zigakope. This madam was posted to her present station in 2021 with her colleagues and it has been confirmed that majority of her colleague female teachers that were equally posted to similar villages within the Sene East have relocated to towns and some even released.

However, this madam is still at post which therefore instigates that madam Augustina should be given an award either by the district or national to serve as role model for her colleagues to emulate. Zigakope is at the bank of River Sene which is to the south west of Kajaji the district capital and very far away from the district capital.

There is no motorable road to the village only paths and residents there resort to the boat before they could get to Kajaji where you can access foodstuffs and other needs. Infact the worst part is that the boat goes every Wednesday and returns Thursday which means one can get access to town once a week. Teachers there including Wanzam are facing similar challenges however, these teachers including Madam Augustina have not been provided with live jackets for protection when traveling on this water but this madam still attend workshops, meetings and all that irrespective of the above setbacks.

Infact such a woman who risk her life to accept posting to such place deserves to be motivated if not at district level but national or regional. The district could organize a local district best teacher award for deserving teachers such as madam Augustina and some counterparts in other villages so as to breach the gap and disparities between those in towns and the villages. Not only an award, such teachers must also be granted study leave with pay and or transfers of their choice after serving atleast two years in such hinterlands for it is not easy to stay in a place where you lack all the social amenities including electricity, portable water, road, proper school building, health care/center, teachers bangalo etc.

Although Sene East District in general is a deprived district however a man in such shoes like madam Augustina is better. So this write up is therefore insinuating that appropriate measures must be adopted locally by the district so as to motivate teachers to come into the district.

It has been recorded that locally arranged accomodations for teachers in such hinterlands have been staffed with snakes and scorpions of which madam Augustina has been battling with. This is a very real case and must be treated with pungent attention so as to encumber any attempt of future lack of teachers in the district.

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