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Come and see the person who invented exams and why he invented it or brought it into the world

Exams is a paper to write necessary answers on in order to take you to the next level. Many people are suffering from writing exams because they normally fail and can't go to the next level.

Sometimes especially, when you reach SHS, you will realize that for example in Science Course, you will be learning things that is of no use to the profession you would like to pursue. However, in this article, you are going to know the reason why exams was brought and the person who brought it

The person who invented or brought exams into the world is Henry Mishel who was an American businessman. Currently, he is dead. He died 2008 and was born in the year 1913. Below is his picture:He was the first and only person to bring exams into existence, he invented exams. The reason why he invented exams was that, it helps to know amount of knowledge or data a person can hold and the understanding of the individual on what he or she is learning.

He believed that before you go in for a job, you must be able to store lots of data into your brain and remember so that you won't be forgetful in your work. That's why when you fail, you go back again in order to train better.

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