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Primary Education


I bet you forgot about this stories from Basic School

Do you still remember those days in primary school when you get exited because of a particular story you love in the Comprehensive Reading Book? Where the teacher will call names randomly or better still roll by roll to read the story out loud paragraph by paragraph? and also do you remember those guys who could not read and did anything possible to be skipped on when it is their turn? Changing rolls and exchanging sitting positions while teacher is not looking at their direction?

Here are some of the stories you might or might not remember.

Alidu and his goat

Attah Panyin and Attah Kakra

The Hawk and the Hen

Mr. Boama's shop

Why crab lost his heard

The Red Lions and Green Hawks

The little black cat

Which one do you remember?

If you still remember, comment your teacher's name and your favorite story in primary school down in the comment section and share to the classmate you know will relate.

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Alidu Attah Kakra Attah Panyin Basic School Hawk


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