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Joke Of The Day: The Teacher And The Student Wahala

This funny article will blow your mind like boom. Let's get started. Don't skip any part of it and don't forget to make sure that others laugh too by sharing it with them.

Just like you and me, during those days back in school when our teachers come with one wahala after another. I mean the science, english, Ghanaian language as well as all the reading subject teachers, come to class and the first thing they do is dictation. Hope you perfectly remember?

Then, the most feared subject [Mathematics] teacher comes and does mental sometimes very cold in the morning or very hot in the afternoon depending on the time table. And this usually comes with lashes if you find yourself below the pass mark.

It so happened that last week, Kofi Joe, a class three (Primary 3) pupil went to school in the morning, and this time round the teacher decides to go by randomly asking questions and demanding answers from the pupils. If you are not able to answer he lashes you.

Kofi Joe : Enters the class after the teacher. That is his first offense.

Teacher: Kofi Joe, stand right here. Why are you always late?

Kofi Joe : Sir please I am late because my mummy didn't bath me early. He bathed all my brothers and sisters before me.

Teacher: Your brothers and sisters? How old are they?

Kofi Joe : Sir please I don't remember but they are old.

Teacher: Okay fine. Tell me six animals that live in the water, and if you don't tell me now I will flog the living day light out of you.

Kofi Joe : Scared at this moment, started.... Frog....

Teacher: Good! That's a good point. Mention the other five.

Kofi Joe : Frog father, frog's mother, frog brother, frog's sisters and his cousin.

Teacher: The teacher and the rest of the students started laughing as you are doing now. Hahahaha.

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