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Prof Gyampo: We are Likely To Mobilize The Mother Of All Strike Actions If Things Don't Change

The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has lamented the government’s unconcerned attitude during the renegotiation period after suspending its August Strike action.

Prof Gyampo, the University of Ghana Chapter Secretary of UTAG said the Government was still acting unconcerned during the renegotiation period. This was stated in a post released on his official Facebook page. He made a statement in the paragraph 11 of his post that "If things do not change in the next couple of days, we are likely to mobilize the mother of all strike actions in Ghana, not against the government, but to advance our course in seeking better conditions of service". This came after lamenting on how negotiations with government seems to not have yielded results.

He said that, In 2013, the monthly take-home for an entry point university teacher, was a cedi equivalent of USD 2,084.

In 2021, the same lecturer’s entry point salary has been reduced to a cedi equivalent of USD 997, contrary to the accepted salary administration principle of not varying salaries of workers to their disadvantage, if it’s not for the purposes of punishment.

He continued that, the 2013 entry point of USD 2,084 has reduced and eroded as at 2021 to USD 997 because of depreciation of the cedi, and the fact that the market premium component of the university teacher’s salary, has not been adjusted since 2013, due to government’s refusal to undertake a market survey, whose outcome would lead to an upward adjustment of the market premium component of the salary of the university teacher.

Prof Gyampo also stressed that during the negotiations, it is significant to note that, UTAG asked for no salary increment. The teachers only asked to be restored to the 2013 salary value of the cedi equivalent of USD 2,084. but the government side said they could not do this because, they have no money and also, a restoration of UTAG to the 2013 values may open the floodgates for other labour unions to make demands on the government.

He lamented that it appears the politician has all the reasons to improve his salary and conditions of service. Even when there is no money, he knows where to find some to improve his emoluments and that of his appointees. But when it comes to the conditions of service of public servants, and those whose sweat, the politician taxes to generate the income that he enjoys, the refrain is either “there’s no money” or “where are we going to find the money?”. Suddenly, the sources of funding for paying all illegal ex-gratias; the sources of funding to inordinately increase the conditions of service of article 71 office holders; and the sources of loans to acquire new vehicles for parliamentarians every four years, have mysteriously disappeared and the politician wants us to understand there is no money.


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