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Meet Bernice, A Graduate From The University Of Ghana Whose Profession Is A Barber

There are certain professions that Ghanaians and most people see as a 'man's job' or 'woman's job' but such notion is gradually becoming a thing of the past. We now see men with beauty salons who do so well at what they do. Emerging ones are also ladies who are now venturing into the barbering business. It could be thought that why don't the ladies or women focus on women and operate beauty salons and men focus on barbering and leave the women to the beauty salons.

Things are changing now and I believe we all have different fields of interest. In as much as some women prefer Mathematics, Engineering and the likes to General Arts or Vocational Studies, some men also prefer Vocational Studies and other courses known to be dominated by women and that is very much allowed because we all have different aims in life.

This is a female graduate from the University of Ghana, Legon who chose none other profession than a barber after studying French and Sociology for four years. Could it be that she didn't realise her potentials up until she started pursuing her course or she just wanted the title, University graduate. Bernice Botchway, who is now a barber also studied General Arts at Ghana National College.

She decided to venture into the barbering business after her National Service because it had been her dream since childhood. According to her, most of her family relatives are hairdressers and had been an inspiration to her in her growing up stages and had always wanted to be one.

I believe the family had wanted her to get a white collar job as most Ghanaians see that as a good way of living life but the unemployment rate in Ghana is leading more youths to explore things and ideas they had really loved to do. Our educational system has done a lot of harm to people with skills in certain areas which were untapped. People are now working for money with no joy in their hearts, not what they really desire to do just because their family prefer seeing them in certain kinds of offices.

Thank God Bernice Botchway took that bold step after her National Service to go understudy another barber who happens to be a graduate from the University of Professional Studies. She now owns her barbering shop and grooms both men and women who have interest in barbering. She now barbers men only but hopes to own a unisex barbering salon in the future.

We wish Bernice all the best in her venture. Go higher. This is going to be an inspiration to most youths in Ghana as jobs are hard to come by. Discover yourself, do the little that you can do to make ends meet or survive in this harsh economy of ours.

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