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Prempeh College Triumphs Over OWASS In The El Classico Of The NSMQ

There has been no contest in the National Science and Math Quiz better than the contest we just witnessed this evening. Opoku Ware School and Prempeh College proved to Ghanaians the reason why they are the pride of the Ashanti Region. Talk about intelligence, both schools have got it all and really made the competition interesting.

The suspense, the tension, the shouts, the happy and sad moments were all embedded in this contest and, looking at the number of people who went to witness the competition, one would be made to think today was the final day. The auditorium was full and most of the supporters had to stand outside.

As expected, KNUST Senior High School was set aside as the bosses battled for the top spot. The had totally precipitated them out as they widened the gap. Looking at the points generated by them at the end of each round, there is one thing which will cross your mind. A little slip was going to land a school in trouble.

At the end of round one, Prempeh led OWASS by 7 points. The gap closed after the second round since Prempeh had 44 with OWASS having 40.

It then came to 45:43 at the end of round 3, with Prempeh College leading. Below is the scores at the end of round 4

Prempeh College showed dexterity as they led the contest right from round one to the last round. At the end of it all Prempeh had 67 points with OWASS having 59 points.

This is no new thing to the boys in green. They lashed Opoku Ware School in the Regional finals and has gone straight to beat them once again. I think it is safe to say they have an upper hand over OWASS. Prempeh College is the school of the moment!!!

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