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Female Teachers must wear Decent dresses to Class

In recent times, students sexual harrassment to female teachers with their sexy dresses to class, became rampant where the male students could not sometimes hold their feelings caused by their sexy dressing teacher in class or on campus.

When female teachers dressed in sharp , short and translucent sexy dresses to class, it catched the attention and concentration of students mostly male students away from the real business of learning.

This reduces academic performance of some students who may seriously concentrate on the dresses than the real lessons mostly on part of male students.

Indecent dressing of teachers too, sets a negative example for students who may aspire to be like them hence teachers are role model for most students , for that matter students aspire to be like their teachers one day.

Teachers, especially on the part of female teachers are advised and cautioned to go according to the set Code of Conduct in other to be a positive role models for their students which may also improve teaching and learning in school effectively and collectively boost students performance.

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