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After She Was Last In The Exams, See The Advice The Principal Gave Her; Is It Right?

In our educational systems, there are various stages that one must pass before coming out as a qualified holder of a particular certificate. In schools, there are examinations done at the end of very term.

The results obtained by each student are recorded on a terminal report card. On this card, the information about the students and other particular a found.

See the advice a principal gave a girl after her results on the terminal report card showed that, she was last in the exams. Is it good for him to give the girl such an advice?

On the report card, the is a place showing the marks obtained in all subjects and also a place showing the position of the girl in the exams. The principal saw that, the girls position is always 39 out of the total number of 39 which means she is always last in exams.

This time around, the principal decided to advice the girl by writing it at the remarks column on the report card.

The advice he gave the girl was that, she should rather forget about school and quickly marry. He thinks marriage will be better instead of wasting her time.

How do you think about this advice to the girl? Is it good or bad. Below is a capture of the advice given to the girl by the principal.

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