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Senior High School Teachers to Receive Academic Intervention Allowance with Arrears from 2019?

Academic intervention was introduced by the Ministry of Education in 2018 for teachers to provide support to students in the Senior High Schools. The purpose of the academic intervention is for the teachers to identify students with slow pace of learning and a strategy to improve on their studies. With the academic intervention, students are grouped into weak, average and fsst learners.

Some students will need further explanation to a topic for understanding, these students may be seen as pulling back the lesson in a class, teachers will have to take their time to get them on board. The academic intervention is to help teachers identify such students and provide them with the needed support.

The instructional hours in the Senior High School has been extended in the double track educational system. Teachers total number of periods per week also adjusted to make it possible for them to complete topics specified in the teaching syllabus.

Before the double track system, a period for a lesson was 30 minutes and a teacher is supposed to handle twenty-four periods per week which is seven hundred and twenty (720) hours per week for a teacher. With the the double track, a period of a lesson is 60 minutes and the minimum period for a teacher is eighteen (18) and twenty two (22) maximum periods for a week, which is one thousand and eighty hours(1080) minimum and one thousand three hundred and twenty (1320) hours per week maximum instructional hours for the teachers in the Senior High Schools.

Government approved academic intervention allowance for the teachers in the Senior High Schools to compensate them for the extended instructional hours, the first payment was made by the government in 2018. Teachers have called on the management of Ghana Education Service to pay them the academic intervention allowance with arrears from 2019.

Teachers spent one hour before the start of a lesson for the day and one hour after school to engage students in the academic intervention, Senior High Schools have prepared academic intervention timetable separately from the normal classes. Teachers were organizing extra classes for students and the government abolished the extra classes and replaced it with the academic intervention. Some teachers have not enjoyed holidays due to the double track educational system. These teachers have been teaching in both tracks.

When teachers are over-stressed, it affects their output of work, Ghana Education Service should recruit more teachers in the Senior High Schools to ease the stress of the teachers in the double track schools.

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