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The Clerk of Works, Who is he?


Many times Ghanaians and most African countries in the construction industry confuses the work of the clerk of works to other professionals in the industry.

The Clerk of Works (or Clerk of the Works), often abbreviated CoW, is employed by an architect or a client on a construction site.

The clerk of works is actually the Architect representative on site whose major work is to supervise the execution of work based on the Architect specification in the contract document.

His work is different from professionals like the site engineer and the resident engineer. Some responsibilities of the Clerk of works are to

1. supervise execution of works.

2. inspect materials and workmanship. 

3. arrange suitable test.

4. advise the Architect on informational requirement.

Next time if you come across a professional giving orders and requesting that good materials, workmanship and testing is carried out again e.g. concrete test, that professional might be the Clerk of works.

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