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WAEC postpones today's paper after the questions leaked on social media.

Cheating during an examination is now becoming a thing that is not frown at in the African society. I pray you find time and patience to read and take some good from it. Let's try and advice ourselves on how we cheat during examination to avoid anything that is not conducive to our future.

SHS third year students especially those offering General Science and Business did not hear good news at all. Their luckiness was not enough to see them through the day due to the actions West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) has taken concerning their paper today.

Leakage of examination questions have been going on in many African countries. Not only in Ghana, but most African countries engage in this act even though it's frown at in the society. Sometimes we blame the Government but the Government is not the one who releases these questions out to the students. It doesn't go on in senior high schools only but at the basic and tertiary level as well

News reaching out on social media is insinuating that West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) has postpone the papers science and business students would he written today, i.e, Physics and Business Management popular said as BM.

According to the Council, the rate at which the question leaked was too much. Some of these questions have been circulating on many social media platforms across the country. The date for which they will write these two papers have not been disclosed by the council but the papers have been postponed with immediate effect.

Social Media users as you will expect have reacted to this news. Many have noted that it's a thing that is has become normal so there's is no need for them to cancel it. Some too noted that it will still leak no matter what they do. Some too have been laughing at the Council for their insecurities.

Thanks for finding time to read this. Please my fellow students, let's not leak the questions when it comes out so that we can pass and get what we want. Follow up and leave your comments in the comments section below.

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