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Do not bother the court with a lawsuit against Achimota School says Martin Kpebu

It was not long ago when the placement was released for Junior High School graduates to enter into the Senior High Schools (SHS) to further their education. Some students who got admission into Achimota Senior High School were denied enrollment into the school on the basis that they had dreadlocks (Rastafarians' hair). The school is insisting on the disciplinary code governing the school whilst the Rastafarian students are also trying their best to get admitted. Yesterday, one of the Rastafarian students by the name of Tyrone Iras Marhguy has filed a lawsuit against the Achimota school authority at the Accra High Court for denying him his basic right to education. In the lawsuit, he requested that he should be compensated for the embarrassment caused him and the time wasted among others.

Mr.Kpebu Martin, who is a legal practitioner has shared his thought on the matter. According to him, though the suit has been filed, the school authority and the Ghana Education Service can resolve this matter by enrolling the students into the school before court proceedings. He is however worried about the education of these students as these cases take time to resolve. These students may not be going to school during the case trial in court. A similar case occurred in Zimbabwe where the court ruled that the student should be enrolled with her dreads. Mr. Kpebu expressed his surprise about how 13 years later, this is now a concern in Ghana.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter. Should the school holds its position or bend its regulations to enroll the students with their hair.

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