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SHS Girls Caught Twerking Massively In Public. Whom Is To Be Blamed?

These days, most of the youth tend to take education as something very normal which can be gained on a silver platter as they leave people wondering on the kind of attitudes they put up while still on the school premises. Recently a female student was caught on campus “loviciating” with a male student as they were seen grabbing each other while on campus.

People tend to ask what is really happening to our educational system lately, as most videos of students that is seen surfacing online either has the girls twerking or a male and female lover having good time together while on the school premise.

Twerking now seems to be the thing that most of the girls are seen doing during their leisure times. It is as if when you don't know how to twerk, you are considered as an archaic person and because of that, some get videos online to also practice it order to stay with the current trend.

In a video that is trending online, you would see a group of Senior High School girls, about two of them standing in front of a certain car and whining their buttocks and giving some serious twerks with their back facing the camera.

These girls were seen dressed in uniforms, most specifically their outing attires which could easily help one identify the school in which they are from, because of the countless crest drawn in it. The students could be seen giving their complete attention to the twerking in which they were involving themselves, forgetting they we're revealing the name of their school and tarnishing it's image.

Normally, you would begin to wonder whether such students get punished in order to deter the others from doing same when caught in such act most especially on the premises of the school.

If this is what the elderly ones are doing, then what do we expect to see of the little ones that are now coming up?

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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