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“I'm Not The One Who Wrote These Exams”-Female SHS Graduate Cried Out After Results Went Wrong

Every parent's wish is to provide quality education for their children to become better people in the future. That is why every parent wants to train up their child to do the right thing at the right time.

Now, it seems some of the youths have no shame and fear to do certain things in public. They have left their responsibilities as students and have taken social media more seriously than their books. There are several times we see Senior High Students doing certain things such as twerking and smooching on campus instead of learning.

As we all know, about some months ago, a lot of students sat down to write their final examinations by WAEC. Therefore as usual, their results are finally out as some jubilates while other moans.

According to a video on social media, a female student was seen crying in a shop that has got people talking on social media. According to the video, a female SHS graduate decided to check her result since it was finally out. Looking at the video, the SHS graduate was seen crying bitterly in the shop after her result went wrong. People try to console her but she refuses to be calm as she continued crying among people.

According to this SHS graduate, she can't believe the results which was printed for her, therefore the shopkeeper should try and check if again may be the result might change. “I'm not the one who wrote these exams, please check it again” she cried out in pain. This female SHS graduate couldn't believe her results since she knew she answered every question very well at the exams hall. That is why students must study hard and stay away from unnecessary attitude on campus to avoid this kind of heartbreak.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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