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Primary school textbooks brouhaha; Obiba J.K. story in the 1990s versus the current Juju story.

At primary school class four(4) in the 1990s, we were reading textbooks that taught us real life lessons. An Example of such story books is class four English reading book with an interesting story of Obiba JK.

The story began with Tana Red Lions, a football team writing a letter to Duase Green Hawks. They wanted to play a football match with them. Green Hawks agreed.

In the story, the captain of the Red Lion’s, Obiba JK trained and prepared for the match which they won. This story taught pupils in class four how to be hardworking and adequately prepare for a task ahead. It depicted that, it was the efforts they put in the preparation towards the match that paid off.

However, in this era, the textbook is teaching the student to use juju to achieve something in life.

A Class 4 English textbook authored by one Okyere Baafi Alexander has incurred the wrath of Ewes.

The Primary 4 English textbook is titled Golden English Basic 4 and has a sentence in it that deepens the stereotyping of the Ewe tribe as ‘juju’ loving people.

In strand 4 of the textbook which teaches writing, there was a part which instructs the pupils to copy this sentence “Efo agreed and prepared juju for the players”. Efo is an adult male in the Ewe language and a national slang word for all male Ewes.

Juju is West African spiritism, stereotyped as evil magic.

Ewes over the years have been stereotyped for being masters of this evil magic and the sentence in the textbook sought to worsen this stereotype.

While, as the Obiba J.K. story of the 1990s teaches hard work and good preparations, this 2021 textbook introduced Juju as a means of preparation towards a task ahead. 

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