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GES: Updates On Teachers Promotion, Release And Transfers

The Ghana Education Service (GES) in the month of August began to promote teachers who qualified to be placed on their new ranks. This was after they have passed the February 2021 aptitude test. This article are excerpts from the discussion on GNAT show, a program hosted by Angel Fm. about the current update of teachers promotion and transfers.

According to the GNAT representative on the show he said that as a result of the huge number of teachers who sailed through to the various senior ranks, the GES adopted a plan to put teachers on the right salary scale in batches. The first batch of qualified teachers was put on the scale in the month of August starting either the Principal Superintendent rank.

The GES, however, indicated that in the subsequent months, the Assistant Director II (ADII) rank and other ranks will be placed on the right scale as well. In the month of September, a good number of qualified persons were placed on the right scale.


As it was earlier disclosed by the GES, another batch of qualified teachers have been put on their right ranks. It is very key to note that not all qualified teachers had their ranks altered. This means that there will be another batch of teachers who will be put on the right salary scale in the coming months. The whole process is likely to end in December hence the need for teachers to exercise patience.

Affected teachers were urged to also note that promotion comes with arrears. All monies starting from the effective date of the promotion will be paid when one is put on the right scale.

Latest Update on GES Release and Transfers

Teachers who applied for GES release and transfer for the 2021/2022 academic year are urged to note that release letters will be available in the month of November.

Applicants who are confused as to where to go for the release/transfer letters are urged to note that the release letters will be made available in the various regional education offices for collection.

This is to say, transfer letters will be available at the regional offices upon approval by the Director-General of GES. The DG then instructs the Regional Director to issue a release letter to the new region being posted to. 

However, applicants are to note that it is their current region that will issue the release/transfer letters to them. 

Sources: GNAT Hour

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