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NAGRAT attacks GES because of this, see details

Ghana is a multicultural country, aside from that our constitution accepts freedom of religion, the Right to Education, and so on.

School has opened for the admission of 2020/2021 new students. The recent brouhaha about two Rastafarian students who were ejected out of Achimota Senior high has called for diverse opinions.

Ghana Education Sevice(GES) has finally spoken and has approved, and ordered Achimota to accept the Rastafarians who got admission to the school under the computerized placement system.

Director-General of GES, Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa in a statement said "If the student is a Rastafarian and there is evidence to show that he is a Rastafarian, all that he needs to do is to tie the hair neatly"

Meanwhile, NAGRAT says it supports Achimota School's decision to reject dreadlocks students. The association has also expressed disappointment in the GES for its directive to the school to accept them.


Some Ghanaians on Social Media has these to say, some are "for" and "against' 

"Wrong decision on the part of GES.

So now if someone sends his child to school and says per their custom and belief, the child should not wear the uniform but rather black cloth throughout his education, GES is saying that shd be entertained. Too bad, but"

"I don’t think the kind of hairstyle someone has should factor if they are accepted into a school or not. In as much as it’s part of their rules, it’s wrong people get denied chances they worked hard for just because of how they look or what they’ve got on"

"the “Rasta Boy” has finally been admitted at the Achimota School with his dreadlocks then it’s now time for me to Baid my hair to school because I have now realized “hairstyle” doesn't have any negative impact on the learners as Ghana Education Service law made it look at first"

"May I ask please, what harm does it cause a school from admitting students because of their hairstyle as Rastafarians"

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