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Payroll Issues You Could Suffer After Taking Transfer

Transfers of teachers are a normal phenomenon. However, there are three (3) main payroll issues you could suffer after taking a transfer from a former school to a new school.

Though these payroll issues are not supposed to happen in a normal situation, all things being equal, public school teachers normally face some payroll issues out of no fault of theirs, since the functioning of the system is not that normal. Therefore, teachers taking transfers must be aware of the following payroll issues they could suffer.

1. Paying bribes to transfer your salary from your former school: A function of the system that should allow the transfer of salaries from former schools seamlessly does not work ordinarily. There are a lot of adverts on social media that claim to facilitate salary transfers, some of which actually achieve their promises, while workers who wish to let the system function as it is supposed to sometimes end up being deleted/suspended allegedly.

Other times, the normal system takes more than six months to effect the salary transfer, contrary to directives in transfer letters putting undue mental pressure on the teacher.

2. Traveling to District, Regional Or National headquarters to submit/facilitate your own salary transfers:

When the fear of being deleted from the payroll sets in because the normal system does not show signs of transferring salaries to new work stations, the worker must be ready to make a move himself or herself, putting extra financial burden on the teacher and also lead to absenteeism. Thi

3. Retronet offset:

When the salary transfer of a worker who is on extra responsibility allowance at previous station but such worker is not assigned any extra responsibility immediately at his new station, he or she will be surcharged to pay back (retronet offset) the extra responsibility allowance he or she continues to enjoy while the salary continues to be validated at the previous station.

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