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Photos: Sensational Matriculation For Freshers In The Jasikan College Of Education (JASICO).

The sensational matriculation which had been going on in the Jasikan College Of Education in the Oti Region annually had again hit it level of amazement again this year. This year's matriculation is the 16th Matriculation and it's purpose is to usher all freshers into the Noble Institution for them to become Maroonians for they are in a Maroon University. The event started at exactly 10am in the morning on the 25th of March 2022 after the level 100s took their maroon breakfast.

The Jasikan College consist of various halls which is Agnata Hall, Asamoah Hall, Brantuo Hall and Harker Hall. The Aganata Hall for the ladies and the rest three for the boys. The Students (level 100) were all dressed in their Maroon Suits as they arranged themselves and walked into the College Assembly Hall with noise and drums of encouragement for the matriculation to commence. They were welcomed by all staffs as they walk decently into the Assembly Hall.

After finally reaching the Assembly Hall, they took their seat with a song by Sharmar Apce titled "Do It Like You Mean It" which was played by the D.J present D.J Evra. Students were asked to stand to welcome the board of administration. The MC first gave thanks to the almighty and the national anthem was sung after that.

All courses that is Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and J.H.S Education one after the other were all ushered to stand for them to be matriculated. The principal of the Maroon University Hon. Mr. Daniel Kwesi Harmond was humbly called upon to officially matriculate the level 100 students into the Jasikan College Of Education.

Mr.Harmond with smiles on his face did matriculated them (fresh students) officially and successfully into the College. The principal gave out words of encouragement, caution and motivation to everybody present and some of the things he said is as follows. The principal stated, the College consist of experienced staffs and their experience will have impact in shaping and redirecting the behaviours of students for them to become experienced and professionals of good norms and values.

We can not do without learning and we can't learn without doing. He talked about how students can have a successful stay in the college and that students should schedule their time well on books, extra curriculum and social life for social media is a stealer of time. We all have our rights but everyone has where his or her right begins therefore everyone should take care.

May the name and good morals of Jasikan College Of Education (Maroon University) follow you wherever you go. Misbehaving somewhere else will tarnish the image of the college therefore all students must be vigilant. Students should channel their strength and ability on studies and not for galavanting in the day and nights.

Students should manage their activities well and take advantage of all resources available in the College and also the teachers. Students should be wise in managing their activities well, as the College's motto says "Sapere Aude" meaning "Dare To Be Wise". The principal Mr.Harmond congratulated matriculants, blessed and asked God to help them have a successful stay in the College,he ended.

All Fresh men and ladies are now officially students of the Jasikan College Of Education the M.C announced with a Hurray response.

Sapere Aude! Dare To Be Wise! God Bless us all. All can share gratitude by commenting. Thank you.

Some of the photos are seen below.

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Asamoah Hall D.J Jasikan College Maroon Sharmar Apce


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