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Education In Northern Ghana; Only 55 Percent Of Learners Are Able To Finish Primary - Educwatch

The Northern part of Ghana is regarded as the most poorest in the country.

According to (UNICEF 2020), only a handful of 55 percent of learners in the basic school, primary to be precised are able to go or have their education in that region.

It's extremely sad that the anchors of this canker hangs on distance and poverty.

These two “devils” are the major cause attributing to this failure in education delivery in that part of our country (Ghana).

As if the clock of favour tickles to only the south, as many as are able to make it to the Junior High School level, only 28% are unable to enter JHS mainly because majority (60%) of primary schools in the Northern Region do not have a JHS (CDD, 2022).

This is quite a worrying situation needing urgent response from the government.

Fortunately, the current New Patriotic Party seems to be doing well only in their cave as their so-called deeds have not seen the light.

Quoting from the statements expressed by (Educwatch2021), “Out of those who enter JHS 1, 16% dropout again before JHS 3.  Distance commuted to JHS is key, with some students walk more than 10 km a day in Zabzugu and Tatale Sanguli.” sadly mentioned by the education movement.

Sadly, the erstwhile and the current leaders of the two major political parties in one way or the other, have had their candidates emerging from these areas, yet, no improvement have been made to overcome the problem hanging on our neck.

It remains to be seen if any changes can be done about the worrying situation in that part of Ghana.

Historically, the Northern part of Ghana has suffered similar faith for severally years.

It took the bold leadership of the late Jerry John Rawlings to cause a little impact up-North.

Source: Educwatch

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