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Would Education without exams be better for students?

Why exams should be taken? What does exam do? Many people believe it is a way, which can helps a student to improve their skills, or just a mechanism that make student progress for a successful future. 

For a student, exams are an inescapable part of his or her school time. Since I had the introduction of education system, exams have been used as a means of study assessment. However, nowadays, more and more people have come to the conclusion that exam is not the only means of study assessment; they believe that education without exams would be better for students. 

To what extent is this statement true? With regard to this topic I will give my opinion to discuss the relationship between exam and education. Discussion Exams have been used as a means of study assessment for a long time; some people think exam make students work hard. In order to do well or upgrade, students have to work throughout the course, as they know they will have to prove themselves at the end.

Exams are the way to test our knowledge. Without conducting the exams and test students don't concentrate in their studies and learn their lessons properly. Exams are necessary in schools and colleges to find out the real skills, talents and knowledge of the students.

Examinations usually tests important and useful topics. Through the drills, even if students are unable to remember everything in the subject, they will not forget the important points because of what they have studied for their examinations. In conclusion, examinations are undoubtedly good for us.

Examinations only help to provide “degrees”. Though examinations never provide education yet they are important. The reason is simple; examinations serve as the platform where we get an opportunity to showcase our talent. Our whole year's hard work is revised through exams.

An assignment is a type of work assigned by the person, tutor, and professor. There aren't any marks allotted in homework. Tests that are taken to check the knowledge of students where you can't take any help from anyone or books.

Usually any exercise given by the teacher to the pupil as part of the lesson, or any follow-up work suggested for study is called an assignment. The principal aim of any education is to teach the pupil to work on his own responsibility.

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