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Females Students in SHS are granted maternity leave just as their Female teachers?

Females Students in SHS are granted maternity leave just as their Female teachers?

The double track system has grouped students into cohorts that is tracks, students have been grouped into double track (Green and Gold track). The free Senior High School policy has increased Senior High School enrolment and the government introduced the double track system to cater for the large number of students in the Senior High Schools. Even with the double track system, classrooms are chocked. 

Students are made to stay out of school for two months and go to school for two months.

Parents have to employ private teachers for their wards to avoid learning lost, and those who can't afford private tuition or extra classes for their wards left them to mingle with their peers in the community to engage themselves in social vices. Majority of girls got pregnant as a result of this double track system.

Ghana Education Service has instructed heads of schools to allow pregnant girls to continue their education and grant them maternity leave when they are due to delivery.

These pregnant girls are seen in school uniforms in the schools, other students think pregnancy is normal in school and it has increased pregnancy among girls in school. Female teachers are given maternity leave just as female students.

Ghana Education Service should introduce embedded teaching to allow students on double track who stay home for a longer period to continue with their education to avoid learning lost. 

Some components of the free Senior High School can be taken off to provide students with tablets to access E-Learning. The provision of house dress, PE kits, school clothes can be subtituted to the provision of tablets for students. The cost of school clothes, PE kits and house dress is higher than the cost of tablet and the tablet will have a direct impact on students academic performance. 

Parents are rather paying more as compared to the era of fee paying in the Senior High School. There are eight Examinable subjects in the Senior High School, in average one hundred Ghana cedis will be paid for a subject for the period students will stay home due to the double track system. 

Pregnant girls should not be allowed in the classroom to avoid influence on their friends, there should be a proper measures to engage them in school not to mingle with their peers who see pregnancy normal in school. 

By Nedved

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )

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