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Is The Boarding Houses The Main Place For Grooming Homosexuals?

No! The boarding houses is to keep learners who are from a distance but desire to attend school of their choices. But it is now a place most learners are engaging in the act and also to force learners who finds it difficult to learns at home alone

Confession from many gays and lesbians who are no more in the act says, they first did it in the boarding houses. Since the males and females are given the chance to bath together, sleep and others, they tend to develop some sort of feeling beyond friendship for each other.

Others says that they were influence by their peers in the boarding houses. 

In my opinion, the Anti-LGBTQ bill sent to parliament would be in vain if the head of school having boarding for students does not take strict measures to contain the issue.

In my opinion these measures might help.

Firstly, more bathrooms should be built, if more bathrooms are built, learners will be shared in a way each of them would be made to bath one at a time.

Learners should be asked to bath one after that other, with this, the attraction a person gains whlie looking at his/her fellow friend.

Finally learners should be educated more about the consequences of engaging in the act. With these two measures, the Anti LGBTQ bill will serve it purpose successfully.

Is boarding houses the main place grooming for homosexuals?

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