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Date rush: Ella wanted Sammy but the feeling was not mutual.

I welcome my readers to today's update on your favorite show date rush. Giovanni our regular host for the show came on stage with some dance moves to march the tune being played. The male contestants on the show today were Quecy, Nhyiraba, Sammy, Ima, Prince, Sebastian, Isaac, Rockson, Clement, and Edmond. They all came on stage following the manner of Giovanni as in dancing to a tune.

They looked so refreshing and handsomely dressed. Giovanni gave them a warm welcome, exchanging pleasantries with all the guys. He asked about their preference when it comes to ladies. Edmond wanted a lady with moderate attributes and a pinch of phenomenal character in his woman.

The first lady to grace the show was Ella Diamond, a 20-year-old model, and student who was into reading, outing, and singing as her hobbies. She had a bright smile with diastema. She made all this known in her first profile video before marching on stage with a model's cat-walk, greeting all the guys. Giovanni spoke to some of the guys about how they see the lady.

Cute picture of Ella

They gave their thought which was all about her beauty. It was now decision time. Isaac was the only one who turned off his rush leaving nine rushes on. Isaac justified his decision on the ground that the connection was not there.

Giovanni after a brief exchange with the guy called for the second profile video. Ella revealed she was into a guy who didn't feel the same way about her. Her past relationships ended when she realized the guy didn't reciprocate her affection.

It was now decision time and Prince turned his rush off leaving 8 rushes on. Ella told the guys that she is into pampering her guy and was willing to spend on the guy. They gave out their thoughts and Giovanni called for the last profile video.

Ella wanted to be a news anchor, top model get a guy who will reciprocate her love and grow together. Decision time Giovanni said, and the light dimmed. Edmond, Sammy, Clement turned their rushes off. Sammy said something about her turns him off. He couldn't disclose it because he felt it will be a disgrace.

Ella was told to turn off the rushes leaving only two guys she likes. She turned all off leaving Ima and Rockson. She told Giovanni that she made a mistake and went back to turn off Ima's rush and turned Sammy's rush on.

Sammy dint feels the same way towards her so he advised her to go with Rockson of which she refused. Giovanni told the guys not to protest but respect her wishes. She walked off the stage without choosing any date. Ima even cried for her but it didn't change her mind.

Ella could not get a date.

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