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You may think you are doing women good but you are spoiling the men - Christiana Awuni fires

A video has been sighted on YouTube when Christiana Awuni was seen sharing her thoughts on some comments made by Counsellor Charlotte Oduro. Counsellor Charlotte Oduro once said, if your husband is cheating, don't leave the relationship but rather pamper her and find out why he is cheating. This message did not go down well for Christiana Awuni so she voiced out her displeasure over it. She said cheating is very painful.

According to Christiana, she becomes angry over some of the things Counsellor Charlotte says. Because it looks like she is always on the issues of women. Always chastising women but she has not seen or heard her talking about men before. Madam Christiana Awuni said, it should not be that way because many men are cheaters no matter what you do to them. She said some of them will hide though but other will disrespect and do it in front of you. Such kind of men do not care of how you will pamper them, they will still do. So she shouldn't be saying that.

She said she can talk about women but she should have also used the same platform to advise men as well. Because it goes hand in hand. She also said counsellor might think she is helping the women but she is rather adding more salt to the wound and she is spoiling the men as well.

Not all human beings are same, so if she was able to get that kind of heart to maintain her marriage, it is not everybody that can do same. She even cited an example that, some people can't kill a hen but they can kill human being so there is individual differences. She said Counsellor should not be on the heads of women alone but as she is a woman, she can use the medium the advise men to stop cheating as well.

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Credit: OneGhana TV

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