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Check Out What This Man Saw In His Washroom [Pictures Of It]

It is now clear that a lot of things can happen in washrooms or bathrooms or a place to ease yourself. Most times people normally reveal that they often see scary things in their washrooms especially within the water closets seats.

A Twitter user or fan took to his Twitter page or platform to let the whole world know what he saw in his washroom. The fan who can be identified with his Twitter account name hitman @1daavi wrote posted some pictures which consists of a snake in the washroom and he wrote this, "Why live in Australia?"

The above writing from the Twitter user reveals that this happened in another country which is Australia.

From the above pictures, you could see that the snake can be seen in the water closet and the someone was pulling it with a thread from the it.

Below are what other fans and users of Twitter said about the pictures.

One of the fans on Twitter said, "imagine you are pressed and you just sit without looking."

What would you have done if you were the one who found out?

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