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“I want to leave ": Cookie Tee She Cries Out Her Desperate Need For Change

Unfortunately, here in Africa and in most parts of the world, our minds have been tuned to giving our leaders the comfort they deserve when they are in power since we believe handling of a whole society makes one worthy of such comfort. The disadvantage of this is that, when we the people are in discomfort, we tend to cry out but are not heeded to because our leaders in position wallow in their comfort and so, they cannot empathize with us.

Cookie Tee of Tv3 fame has expressed her desire to fly out of the country on the basis of she missing her “soft life" abroad, specifically, New York. She says" I miss the snow, ...I need a business class outta here right now,”. The tone of longing and nostalgia was not lost on her fans, as they also sympathized with her and shared their desire for same. Some even pleaded to be given any means, not necessarily business class, to flying out of the country.

Unfortunately, “no where cool" as it is popularly said. The pinch is now being distributed to ever place and person. We can only hope and pray that things get better.

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