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The African Lady Who Married A Korean Guy, Becomes The 'First African To Achieve This Great Feat

The African continent is evolving, and the impact of African personalities can be felt all over the world, thanks to their tireless and relentless efforts to propel the continent into a new age.

Alena Amaze is an example of a hardworking African who has not only influenced the minds of others but has also brought honor to the African continent as a whole.

Alena took to Instagram a few days ago to announce her new accomplishment as the first African to become a doctor in the field of survey Methodology in the United States. She said she didn't know her passion for mathematics would take her this far, let alone make her the first African to do so.

Alena married a Korean man, and they have seven beautiful children. The beautiful mother of seven has given us reasons to never doubt our abilities. Our dreams and aspirations are not limited to our colors, age, or race; only hard work and determination matter in making history, and Alena Amaze has everything it takes. maze, doctor

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