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" How Can A Mother Leave Her Son To Be In This Condition ", Ghanaians Condemn

Facebook has accepted many accounts for them to express their views on the internet. Quite recently a guy popped up on Facebook claiming to be in the shape of Bobrisky. Even though everyone has the right to express themselves without any interference but sometimes, some rights must be taken from some people.

Most Ghanaians are trying to fight against Homosexuality but we all can see that this kind of lifestyle is the immediate rise of homosexuality. As we are trying to curb the situation of lesbianism most of our cherished individuals are now engaging themselves in this act.

Now back to the matter at hand. This guy you see in this article is a guy on social media( Facebook to be precise ) called Immaculate Skybosse Brightlyn whose aim is to win Ghanaians attention by taking the lifestyle of a woman.

When he started doing this many people condemned his actions and others praised him for his confidence and urged him to keep doing what he was doing but that wasn't a good act to engage oneself in.

One interesting aspect of it all is that this guy also has gangs who are also in this kind of lifestyle. They move out dressed in the outfits of a lady and seek Ghanaians attention.

Now check out some comments by people condemning his act:

It may be so that it is their right to be in such a manner but I think these guys need to change their lifestyles, they cannot do this all in the name of Fame.

What do you think about this young man's act?. Please leave your comment and share it for others to see this article. Thank you for your support.

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