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Dipo Culture Must Be Banned If Poloo Have Been Jailed For Posting Nudes.(Opinion)

Every country is well known for its cultural practices and many more.Ghana is not an exception because the country is made up of so many tribes.

Every tribe have their own culture which makes them unique. The Krobos in Ghana celebrates Dipo which makes them very unique.

When a girl gets to puberty, she undergoes this tradition which to them is a transition from childhood to adulthood.

During this tradition, the girls undergoes many traditions which one most important thing which matters most in this situation is them wearing beads around their waist with a covering on the front and back but the breaststroke are left uncovered.

Akuapem Poloo have been sentenced three months imprisonment for showing her nudes to her child. So what about the children who attends this kind of festival and watch every bit of it.

My opinion is that if so, then that particular tradition must be stopped. Please share your views on this issue.

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