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Was Michael Jackson circumcised?

No, he wasn’t. And we have evidence. By 1993, when the Chandler family started claiming that MJ sexually abused their son Jordan, Jordan drew a picture of MJ’s penis. He said it was circumcised and had dark brown spots. This is the drawing

Later, when police officers visited Neverland, the took pictures of his penis and it was uncircumcised. MJ never abused anybody. He had a children’s soul. People prefer no to understand him. I once had a conversation with a person who claimed he was a pedophile, addicted to plastic surgery, and faking his death to avoid being in court. I told him “Try to grow up with a father whipping you with a belt all day long and ruining you childhood. You’ll see how hard was MJ’s life.” MJ missed his childhood. He always was seen with children. Thousands, if not milions, of children visited Netherland, only a few of them claimed he was abusing them.

So, to anwser that question, no. He wasn’t. Look at his real autopsy report. What you see? Circumscised or uncircumcised?


No, Michael was not circumcised unlike jordan Chandler’s description of his penis which is why Michael was not prosecuted in 1993. Apparently, Jordan and his father Evan thought that because Michael was a Jehovah Witness he would be circumcised as well, they thought he came from a jewish background. They guessed wrong however and that is what vindicates Michael, that the description of his genitals was a total mismatch. The only thing they got right was that his penis was blotchy which given his vitiligo anyone would have guessed.

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