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10 Nollywood actors we don’t hear about anymore

10 Nollywood actors we don’t hear about anymore

I love watching nollywood movies especially when they are showing it on RokGH.

Whatever occurred to the actors who used to dominate Nollywood blockbusters? These are the celebrities of Nollywood we now not hear about.

There are different Nollywood actors that have done excellently well in the film industry. There are also some Nollywood actors that have quitted their profession for one reason or the other.

When you watch a movie, it relaxes your mind because you don't have to think about anything else while watching. Watching movies also reduces stress hormones (like Cortisol) that are linked with a number of health issues.

With so much expertise entering and leaving the limelight, right here are the 10 Nollywood actors we don’t hear about anymore:

Emeka Enyiocha

Emeka Enyiocha’s story feels a bit tragic when you consider that he seems to be a terrific actor but and not using a connection with the ‘ogas at the pinnacle’ in Nollywood.

It looks like Emeka Enyiocha’s time has passed, but maybe he’ll nonetheless be able to surprise all and sundry.

2. Bob-Manuel Udokwu

Bob-Manuel Udokwu is some other actor who didn’t do something wrong, however rather Nollywood simply moved on and he were given misplaced within the shuffle.

3. Ernest Obi

Is it genuinely possible to smash your reputation for being too rigid in performing? Ernest Obi seems to be the proof of this since despite seemingly having all the desirable looks, his career in Nollywood diminished too quick.

4. Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme skilled that type of lightning in a bolt upward thrust to stardom that can be intoxicating, however also enormously brief.

In 2004, the actor made his debut as the Gulder Ultimate Search host. But in 2016 while the truth show went off the air, Chidi Mokeme went off the radar.

5. Emeka Ike

Emeka Ike become a natural hearth inside the early 2000s. He turned into the definition of an actor who’s stole many girls’s coronary heart. There changed into a time where Emeka Ike changed into the factor for a good romantic movie. However, a solid string of bad movies and regrettable romantic films began to turn Emeka Ike right into a no one inside the enterprise.

6. Charles Okafor

Charles Okafor was once one among Nollywood’s elite, however it’s now clear that the actor’s days are lengthy behind him. However, rumours has it that he's now a pastor. Was he known as by means of God? I depart you to answer that.

7. Tony Umez

Tony Umez is every other actor who doesn’t get as a great deal interest anymore.

Tony saw a strong stretch for the duration of the early 2000s with films like ‘A Second Time’ and ‘Fire at the mountain’. His absence from Nollywood continues to be a thriller until this day.

8. Clem Ohameze

Clem Ohameze film roles were usually about him being occultic however he nevertheless found a manner to end up a household call. However, the string of lackluster films, which were met with him always gambling the role of blood cash or occult chief commenced to bore Nigerians.

9. Francis Duru

The absence of Francis in Nollywood is a true shame considering, at one factor, he become one of the first-class actors within the industry.

It doesn’t seem fair that he might just fade away. However, the worst element approximately Francis Duru’s decline from prominence is that he didn’t even do anything incorrect, but simply progressively have become less and less relevant.

10. Saint Obi

Saint Obi grew out of a sparkling TV career that placed him to be a star for movement Nollywood movies. Out of all the movement movies he featured in, ‘State of Emergency’ tops the list. He would possibly have had a shiny future at one point but he suddenly faded out.

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