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Prepare this spiritual Soap to banish Hatred and attract favor, love

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another article again which talks about Favor


Bitter leaf ( number of your age) 

Salt ( table salt or sea salt)

Shea butter (nkuto in ghana) 

Black soap ( alata semina)

White container

Local sponge ( one)


Now get a bitter leaf number of your age , example if you are 20 years old meaning you will plug 20 bitter leaf.

Now exactly 1:00am in the night grind the bitter leaf very well , add the salt and mix it using your middle finger please middle finger.

Then add your black soap and mix it with your middle finger till it mix very well ... Now keep it in save place and sleep. 

   The next day exactly 1:00 pm afternoon put your shea butter in a clean bowl and place it under the sun for it to melt ( please don't use fire to melt the Shea butter) so after the sun has melt it , pour it on the already made soap you prepared at night and mix it with your middle finger.. and keep it.


  How to use it

Exactly 1:00am( night)on that day get your local sponge and bath with the soap .. 

The next day 1:00 midnight bath again 

Continue for 7 days 

After the 7 days throw the remaining soap away !! And burn the sponge..




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