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All Ten Ladies On Date Rush Sack Male Contestant For Coming To Play Games

Since the start of the date rush program, many of the ladies have been criticized heavily for their ridiculous actions and inactions. Today, however, the one at the receiving end of the criticisms and backlash is a male contestant named NK (Nana Kwame).

His entrance was a remarkable one as he knew how to dance. Besides three ladies who turned off their rushes because "it was just not clicking", the rest had their rushes on showing their interest.

However, among all the ladies that showed interest one particular lady named Success seemed very fond of NK. It reached a point where all the ladies turned off their rush because they believed they didn't possess some of the qualities that NK (the male contestant ) was looking for. In all that Success kept her rush on just hoping that he would finally make the decision of picking her. Another lady contestant turned on her rush to serve as more competition for Success.

However, things took a strange turn when Giovanni asked him to make the final decision of choosing between the two ladies, he goes ahead and asks whether he could turn on the rush of one of the female contestants who had turned off their rush. This took everyone by surprise because. He proceeded to turn on Ellen's rush (the lady known on the show to be a virgin).

This decision enraged not only enraged Success but all the ladies on the show. This led to Success turning off her rush, followed by the second lady who had her rush on to compete with Success, and then finally Ellen; the lady he chose over Success also turned off her rush.

When asked why he went ahead and chose Ellen over Success, he gave the reason that he wanted to spice up things and also test whether Success would still stand by him. He states that Success the one he wanted to pick from the very beginning.

However, the ladies were not buying that excuse. As punishment, all the ladies booed and sacked him off the stage.

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