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Reasons Why Volta Region's Setor Must Be Shown Exit On Sunday

The TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful is one of the most watched and celebrated show nationwide. The show give young ladies to opportunity to come out to sell their various regions to the general public. There are often display of culture fanfare, beauty, confidence, Eloquence and more.

Last week edition saw the young ladies come out to display their talents and show what they are good at. Sadly two of the contestants were evicted from the show. Teiya from the Northern region and Teroo from the upper West region were painfully shown exit from the show. This eviction expecially with regards to Teroo really infuriated many of the fans of the show.

It's very sad the beautiful young ladies are being evicted while the Volta Region's contestant, Setor who is already a medical doctor is still in the show.

Last week Sunday was talent night, the entire nation witness her abysmal performance but she was not even near eviction and Teroo who is the fans favourite was sadly evicted out.

Today, TV3 arranged beautiful hang out session for the remaining contestants. Fans who watched the show and the appearance of Volta Region's contestant, Setor begged the judges to do justice by evicting her on Sunday.

TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful is a beauty pageant show and beauty really counts. Many fans including myself have expressed worry why setor, whose performance is abysmal and not beautiful enough to compete the other contestants.

According to your observations, do you think Setor, the Volta Region's contestant can skip eviction this week based on her performances? Share your comments and your predictions below.

Meanwhile we all have choices and our votes will keep the contestants in the show. Don't forget to vote for your contestant.

Content created and supplied by: AlRagadawu (via Opera News )

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