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Hogbetsotso Festival postponed due to coronavirus pandemic

By Worwui David

Hogbetsotso festival is celebrated by the people of Anlo.Since the month which is November has been set for this festival celebration,there was no postponement to any other month until this year 2020 during which the deadly corona virus has come to deteriorate the economy.Due to this,the day for the celebration has been postponed.

This postponement was done by the Hogbe was done after consultation with the Local Organising Committee of the annual festival.

The Board Chairman, Togbi Agbesi Awusu II, Awadada of Anlo and the Board of Directors, considered the enormous challenge of enforcing existing Covid-19 protocols put in place by government to protect the citizenry at Hogbetsotso which attracts tens of thousands of citizens and foreigners.

In view of this,The Hogbe Institute, announces for the information of all Anlos, residents and non-residents, festival lovers and the general public, that this year’s Hogbetsotso Festival celebration has effectively been cancelled.

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