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What happened to their fame? Where are they now?

Moments show up, stays around for some time and the next time you realize, they are no more. The pace at which these beautiful moments embark on a fading journey still baffles my mind. Whenever you rise to the limelight, please know nothing stays forever and therefore, make a living out of the fame you have attained because you never know when you will fade out of the system like a naphthalene ball in a closet.

This piece I am writing gives me flashbacks to when these guys were on the top but when I face reality, there’s sorrow engulfing my heart. What happened to their fame? They were not even restricted to Ghana when their star showed up. They were famous such that the whole world knew their existence but sadly, this story can no longer be said.

I’m sure you know these people I'm talking about because you have probably seen the pictures I added. These people I’m talking about are the dancing pallbearers who made Ghana proud by taking Ghana to the world during the lockdown period in the corona virus era. At that point, the rate at which people were getting infected was increasing on a daily and we were all advised to stay home so as to be safe. Thanks be to TikTok, it projected their craft to the world and the world accepted it with their all.

A video of these guys popped up on the internet and boom, they blew. People couldn’t resist their craft because it was quite peculiar. There are times when we saw them on billboards in many countries and they were one of the most used memes around the world in 2020. The way they danced with caskets invited many people each and everyday from near and afar to come witness their craft .

Many interviews were granted to them during those periods and they were just funny. An example of an interview I recall was the interview between these guys and the famous TV show host, Giovanni Caleb at TV3 on the program titled showbiz 360.

That is when Ghanaians got to know that this dancing pallbearer group was based in Prampram and they were originally and professionally known as, “Nana Otafirigya Pall-bearing Services” and they had actually been doing that job for a long time. When asked if they always dance at every funeral, they replied by saying it depends on what they will be told to do. They can either dance or go smoothly depending on the family of the deceased.

One statement of these guys which went viral was, “Do you like it solemn or with a little bit of display?”

After their fame, we were expecting to see them rise through the flanks but sadly, we hardly hear from them. This has been a thing in Ghana. People do rise to the top but staying at the top always seems difficult, I just don’t know what goes on when they attain that status. This led me to asking these questions, “Where are they now? What happened to their fame?”

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