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Husband and wife relationship

True Story: "I Threw My Wife Out Of The House But My Friend Picked Her Up And Did This to Her"

Dear readers, i want to share with you something that happened to me and am looking for a way to implement your advice to a great effect in my life. I have not tasted life and friendship after what i have gone through, and i don't trust anyone more.

I've shared my life with a woman for eight years. She had two marvelous boys for me which looks very identical. It is unfortunately difficult to have a stability between us, because we always quarrel together. I often start beating her after quarrels and finally throw her out of our house.

When i pushed her out of the house, she took shelter with my best friend who's popularly known as Philippe. Philippe was the one who came around and finally reconciled us to solve the conflicts between me and my wife. So my wife finds refuge every time in his place and then came home after the problem was solved.

She took shelter with my friend once more, after a second fight between me and her, and after giving my wife a hand again, but this time around she's gone forever.

She became Phillip's new wife because my friend Phillip had already divorced his former wife. She made it very clear to me that she's no longer interested in me and expressed her interest in my friend Phillip.

My friend Phillip also told me he's sorry. After he picked up my wife he sent his wife packing straight away. I would like to make it clear that i even fought with my friend over it. But my wife has not changed her way of thinking.

Philippe has engaged my wife this minute that am talking to you, and my wife is now living in his house and she claims she's gone for good.

That's what happened to me, my dear readers. With life I'm discouraged. But I don't know how I want to do everything I can to get my wife back.

What do you think i can do to get back my wife? please share me your valuable advice i am eagerly waiting.

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