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Check Out Photos Of This Beautiful African Gospel Singer Rocking Bikini Outfits (Photos)

Our body is the temple of God according to the Bible, but the reverse is the case now as gospel singers are now joining the trend of showing off their endowment to the world. The African continent which used to have the discipline of dressing decently have also shared the belief that showing off the body in a bikini is the next way to go. African women have fully embraced the lifestyle of the western world, something that has changed our identity completely all in the name of civilization.

Women from Africa are blessed with a great body although some of them did surgery to enhance their shape while some have stayed natural without doing any surgery. It is quite amazing to realise that gospel singers are now dressing like hip-hop musicians. Gospel singers who are meant to direct people to the way of the Lord are gradually encouraging their fans to dress indecently all in the name of fashion.

Babeth Lando is a beautiful Congolese musician who has been heavily criticised for her mode of dressing. She likes displaying bikini outfits whenever she is out of Africa in abroad, and this has made people wonder if she is truly a believer apart from being a gospel singer. Although she is also an actress and a fitness trainer, but that shouldn't give her the license to dress indecently because she portrays herself as a gospel singer.

Initially, she was a member of two popular gospel groups known as 100 voices and Gospellisimo group, but she decided to break away from the group at the age of 15 to own her own gospel band group popularly known as "Black Rose". Babeth's body is all natural thanks to her everyday work out, which is why she was able to achieve killer curves she currently owns.

People listen to religion songs a lot, but nowadays it is becoming strange to see how the singers are now engaging themselves in a high level of immorality by dressing like strippers in a club. We need to remind her that our younger generation are watching what we do, and they are trying to emulate every step we take. This is the more reason why we should dress decently and make sure we conduct ourselves in the best possible manners.

Do you think it is okay for gospel singers to dress in bikini? Your opinions will help us a lot.

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