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Watch Video: Update On The Story Of The Two Children Who Live Their Life Without Parents.

One of the difficult things in life is trying to live alone as a child without parents. In fact, parents serve as a hedge who protect and groom their wards from going wayward. Indirectly, they serve as shepherds directing their sheep to green pastures but when life turns its back on you and unfortunately, things do not work out as expected, one can become an orphan and struggle for the rest of his or her life. This is the story of Augustine and his brother Emmanuel whose parents left them at an early stage.

According to Augustine, one day as they were still children, a policeman came to their house and arrested his father. His mom kept begging the policeman to leave her husband but unfortunately, that could not stop him from during his work. His father was sent to prison and his mother kept visiting him at the prison. She told Augustine and his brother that everything was going to be fine and at the right time, she would tell them why their father was sent to prison.

The case was finally adjudicated and Augustine's father was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment. This affected his mother psychologically since the husband provided everything in the house and that she not working, things were going to be hard for her especially how she was going to take care of her children.

Their mom started working so hard, spent sleepless night and still work during the day so that she would be able to take care of her children. This affected her sleep and still continued to work even when she was tired.

One day their mother came home very tired and early in the morning when the children were ready for school, they passed by their mother's room and called her several times but she did not respond. Little did they know that that was the end of their mother's life. Their mother was buried right in front of them and that was a moment of heartbreaking since they had no one to take care of them.

Augustine's mother died when he was 11 years old and his little brother was 8 years old. They never visited their father to know how he looked like. One of his relatives broke the news to him.

These two children started living all by themselves. Augustine later developed a disease known as epilepsy that nearly ended his life. This made him fall and acted weird someway because of the central nervous disorder which causes period of unusual behaviour and sensations. One day, Augustine was cooking maize for them to eat but was attacked by the epilepsy and fell into the food that he was cooking. This got three of his fingers burnt and with the help of his little brother, people came around and took Augustine to the hospital where he spent 5 months receiving treatment. He was later discharged back home with wounds because he did not have money to take care of the hospital bills.

Augustine's face got burnt and lost three of his fingers. He was not allowed to go to school on grounds that his face may scare people. Only his brother Emmanuel was allowed to go to school but he would not leave his brother home alone because his sickness can lead to his death.

The sad story of these children was heard by so many people across the world and some decided to help them. Many contributed to help change their state of poverty so that they can go back to school and have a better life. As children as they are, misusing the money given to them would be highly possible so the money was entrusted in the of their relative on behalf of them for a better life.

This is the update of the story of the two siblings that touched the whole world.

Watch the video below;

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