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Date Rush: See what is Happening Between Shemima and Ali That Has Got People Talking

As we all know, the one and only TV station who has taken Ghana to the next level is still on it. This answers to the renowned station TV3 and their popular programme namely Date Rush.

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Ever since this programme begun, Ghanaians have witnessed several people entering and coming forth with their beautiful partners. Everybody deserves love as they say can be seen to be really working for most people who have participated in the programme.

Just recently, Ghanaians witnessed an example of this situation where two lovers finally met each other. Prior to this, it was witnessed that the lady was already interested in the Guy on the programme. The respective couples were one curvy shaped lady called Shemima and her partner Ali. The scene was very nice as the two love birds brought the selves together.

Today, it seems the two has taken the game to the next level. Unlike many of the contestant who ends up breaking apart, Shemima and Ali can be seen to be exceptional to it. What is happening between the two has indeed proved that love works.

As part of the quest to continue their love race, the partners have been captured on several occasions having a good time with each other. Their relationship can therefore be seen to be booming day in day out. The speculation is that, are they going to transform this into long term marriage or what. Kindly click on the +Follow button to receive more news and updates when I publish.

Below are some photos of Shemima and Ali during a special dating occasion.

From the above, it can be seen that what is happening between the partners proves a very bright future for them as people have been talking of.

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