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Actress Bibi Bright, Cites Problems In Security Recruitment, Equalizes The Error With Past Govts.

Actress Bibi Bright (bibibright), is a known political activist. She was part of the barrage of creative arts industry persons, who declared their intention and support for Nana Addo, helping him win in 2017. Bibi Bright was rewarded for this, as she went on to be appointed together with the President's second biological daughter, Gyankroma Akuffo Addo, as directors at the Creative Arts Council.

In a post on her Instagram page, she may have well best analyzed the security challenges we find ourselves in, except that, she equalizes it buy justifying that, it has always persisted, even in past governments. She wrote that:

"Just saw this on Twitter and it got me thinking. This no be today.. And unfortunately it will not end under this administration because the issues have deep roots that needs to be dealt with from scratch. We can pretend that we don't know or have not heard of this recruiting processes but as long the security services has turned into an institution where some connected family members will fix in their ' not doing so well, can't figure his life out' family members, as long as day in day out the security services is a place where you need 'connection' to be employed.

A place where assessment to get recruited means nothing as long as the order is coming from the top or an external influential person. A place where you can sort out some recruiters and get passed. Even before the recruitment begins some influential people in our political parties would have sent a list of their thugs and supporters that needs to be employed and its a sure banker when you find yourself on this list. Smh

Security is not a matter to politized because when the worst happens you and I reading this may be the last to leave this country. Those will foreign passports will find shelter in their embassies but you and I, what happens to our children? Our aged mothers? Us the youth? Where do we go? What country will receive us? We can channel our frustration on governments who come and go but as long as there is ROT in our institutions, processes of recruiting our security personals is biased, we will always read stories like this.

Ghana security services kindly tackle the problems from the roots. Our security as a country can not be a career solution for some people who made some bad decisions on life or can't figure out their lives. It's a not a career solution for drug addicts and emotional depressed people.

To be a security personal in Ghana used to be a family honor, a career that held so much prestige and Grace. Can we ever have that back? Before any other institution in Ghana comes, your services comes first.. What will be the use of education and health if there is no peace in the country. Please the future of this country greatly lies on you. Thank you," she wrote.

This is coming on the back of several reported unprofessional conducts of the security forces, who may not seem to be learning from any of the nationally discussed issues, that have gained notoriety for, negatively.

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