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Odo Fever Reunion: Drama As Side Chick Storms The Stage To Fight The Main Over A Guy.

Odo Fever Season 2 Launch was a good news to thousands as many single men and women were excited to go and find a Date (Love) there. Yes!! They went on the show, some found love but others were not lucky. Perhaps they were too, bossy or they couldn't find their spec. All the same!! What about those who found love? How far far has their relationship being? Was their love based on Romantic or Platonic? So many questions... 

Onua, Odo Fever Season 2. Last night was Reunion show. On reunion, viewers, audience and even the couples will get to know whether their relationship will end in 'Tears' or it will end in 'Save the Date'. 

Mona Gucci was ths hostess. About 11 men came with their lovers they found on Odo Fever. And 3 other ladies came without their guys. They all sited side by side with Mona Gucci. The men at her right and the ladies at her left. 

Some of these couples confirmed to Mona that their relationship had ended in tears. With some explanation and reasons. In fact of this lovers nearly causes scene on the show. But Mona calmed them. On the other hand, other also showed the world they had found the right partner and will soon be saving the date. Phew!! 

However, somehow, there was this drama that catches the attention of everybody. When the side chick storms the stage.

Flashback!! On Odo Fever, Season 2 episode 7. Akos, Sandra and 3 other ladies went on stage to win the heart of one guy (Midnight) yes Midnight was his name. And when the guy rejected Sandra, she asked for his number which Kwaku Manu who was then the Host disagree. Sandra went ahead to ask for a hug. She was allowed. But the hug took so long, she never want to disengage. Kwaku have to intervene before that hug turned to something else. After that, She left the stage. Finally Midnight chose Akos as his Date. End of Flashback. 

On the reunion, Akos complain bitterly how Sandra funds her way into her boyfriend DM and has being trying to snatch Midnight from her. Midnight on the other hand is trying to defend himself by saying the side chick had his number from IG (Instagram).

The side chick (Sandra) was bold enough to walk on stage, she emphatically said she loves Midnight and will never let him go. As if that was not enough, she went and sat beside him and the stage became noisy. Mona quickly order guys and they came and carried her off stage. She couldn't stop crying!! 

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