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Female Musicians Who Have Helped To Clear Gender Inequality Misconceptions In Ghana Music(Secular)

Since time immemorial The Ghana Music Industry has continuously produced talented and good female artistes and these female musicians go further to clear the misconception that males are better than females.

It is a known fact that music in Ghana has been dominated by male artiste, especially in the secular music; Highlife, hiplife, Afro-Pop, Dancehall and others excluding gospel music.

There are about five or even more Ghanaian female artiste who sing secular music and their contributions to music are beyond human comprehension.

They have helped to close the gab between male and female musicians in terms of the number of hit songs the are able to produce on a regular basis.

The above claim can be seen in the life of the late Ghanaian female artiste of the year, Ebony, Highlife legend Akosua Agyapong, hiplife legend Mzbel, Becca, Efya Adina and others.

Ebony was the first Female Artiste to have won the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and she won it in 2018. Her music helped normalised Ghanaian music. Most people were always looking up to her unlike then when people were only mentoring male artistes.

Akosua Agyapong is considered as a legend in the Ghanaian primary music, which is Highlife music. During her time there were several great male musicians but yet still her musics and name were heard everywhere in Ghana.

Mzbel can also be considered as a legend in the hiplife genre or sector of Ghanaian music. Her 16 years can be said to be one of the greatest hit in Ghanaian music during her time.

Becca and Efya can never be underestimated in the Ghana music industry. There music continues to wow music lovers in the country and their music and their engagement also promote women to be in music.

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