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Meet the African lady who dated king Solomon, see the country she is from

Whiles a lot of people may be thinking Africa wasn’t mentioned that much in the Bible it will also interest you to know that the once powerful, wise and wealthy king once dated an african Queen.

Queen Of Sheba malikat saba once visited king Solomon and presented him spices, precious stones and gold, she also learnt about his incredible wisdom which she threw difficult questions at him which he answered intelligently to her satisfaction.

The kingdom of Sheba was african kingdom which was located in the East Africa and is present day Ethiopia.

Having spent a few years with the her , king Solomon gave her all her heart desires which the Bible speaks of in its scriptures.

The land Sheba was a very filthy rich nation whose dust was even more wealthier than gold and hence the kind Solomon invited her over to his place.

Legends say king Solomon tricked her into having his way with her and which brought forth a son called menelik II who later took over the thrown after his mother's demise.

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