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Weight Loss: Three celebrities whose weight loss, drastically wowed their fans.

Many a time, gaining too much weight impedes your everyday life. It affects the way you go about your daily activities. Celebrities are fond of losing weight, since the moment you become a celebrity your activities and schedules increases. In this day and age, it is seemingly impossible to attract more followers if one does not check his or her weight. Checking ones weight means, checking the way you eat, and also making sure to exercise frequently. In Ghana most celebrities either lose weight or sometimes gain weight depending on how one sees himself or herself. The following celebrities have done an incredible job by losing weight. We say kudos to them.


In no particular order, Moesha. 

Moesha Budong is an actress and a social media celebrity, who is well known by all. She is known by her curvaceous body and his amazing figure. Her fans woke up to see her pictures on social media, looking beautiful. But they realized something different as well, thus she had changed. She had lost weight. She came out to say that, she was undergoing a weight loss program and she likes the way she has become. 

The next person is Kurl Songx

Kurl songx is a musician who is loved by many. Fans of him, also woke up to see him lose weight. At first he was trolled for being broke and hungry. But the singer came out to refute the allegation. According to him, he was on diet. He also stated that, he had stopped some activities he was engaged in, which to him was not helping him, but rather was making him gain more weight. He also said he was eating too much rice, but now he eats less and more vegetables. 

 Also Nana Ama Mcbrown also lost weight. 

Nana Ama Mcbrown is an actress and also a TV show host. She has starred in so many movies and acted with many prominent actors. It came to light that, she had lost weight in her pictures. Many people speculated she was using drugs to lose weight, but she came out to debunk the allegations. According to her she knew she was gaining weight and had to do something about it. She stated that, she changed her diet and also improved upon her daily exercise. According to her, after doing that for sometime, she lost 48.4 pounds. 

By and large, weight loss and weight gain is nothing new. If one thinks gaining weight is seemingly attractive, you should make sure to do so. However gaining it in excess may sometimes impede on the activities you do. Again losing weight is also not something bad, if one thinks losing weight will help, go ahead and do it. With the right diet and training you are good to go.

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