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(Photos) Hilarious Things That Only Happens In Nigeria

If you are a traveler and you haven't come to Nigeria then you are missing alot of fun and enjoyment.

We just have more than a fair share of our best stuffs and materials indeed.

Yet despite all and everything Nigeria is still getting bigger daily, infact you cannot help but notice how amazing thing are changing fast.

So also there are lot of things that are downright hilarious and funny to everyone at the same time.

Well things that are so unique to Nigeria such that you cant actually find them happening in Nigeria, and no any other place.

I have compiled some of these very funny and hilarious pictures to show you what is going and to make you laugh, smile and happy anytime.

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1. And by the road side corn seller, surely you will see alot.2. when you work as the manager of a bank then money is nothing.

3. that is an ingenious idea after all.

4. when the wedding was to in hastened, then this short route has to be taken by the bride.

5. Dont panick, This man you see here is a police man, but I wonder why he is not dressed up in his normal police uniform.6. A chairman trying trying to commission a project in one of his villages.7. Dancers carrying a live crocodile on their backs8. When the governor order the arrest of a DPO, security is no longer trusted.9. wow that dude deserve and award, but what if the plank got brocken10. when they call you to come and share the food.11. wow see some hungry cute girls eating, nice picturethats all for now, I hope you enjoy this as much, of you do then kindly follow me up, thanks.

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