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A Stab In The Back? Hopeson Adorye Is Pained And Alan Is To Blame

Hopeson Adorye is pained and all the blame is going to Alan Kyeremanteng. Politics has dived into a more personal realm and as it stands, people are actually losing good relationships in their parties and stirring up some feuds between themselves.

The painful speech by Hopeson Adorye is causing a lot of harm in the party and he is in turn having his piece of this party cake.

Hopeson Adorye has been saddened by the statement he made and the allegations which are circulating concerning a detachment from the statement made by him by Allan Kyeremanteng.

A few hours after the northern running mates brouhaha, Hopeson Adorye has made a post which seeks to throw a shadow light on a possible abandonment by Alan.

According to Hopeson Adorye, people who you turn to take the bullet for are those behind the trigger. This statement cuts deep and people think it’s an indirect shade at Alan for playing Mr. Nice guy when he had to take the fall for his praise.

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